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Admission Requirements

  • Students must hold a Bachelors degree in a field related to the WATENV Masters programme, e.g. civil engineering, environmental sciences, natural sciences or geosciences.
  • Instructions and examinations are given in English language. Applicants have to provide evidence of an adequate working knowledge (CEFR C1) of English via a certificate recognised by Leibniz University of Hannover (www.llc.uni-hannover.de/en/).  
Detailed information about all necessary requirements are explained in the Admission Regulations

Documents for submission in general (in English)

  • Bachelor of Science certificate (certified copy). If not yet available at time of application, applicants have to send a proof of the hitherto obtained credit points and marks;  
  • University transcript (certified copy), including a description of the grading system;
  • Curriculum Vitae; (signed by applicant)
  • Letter of motivation, at least indicating the qualifications and interests of the candidate and a prospect of further activities related to the field of studies (signed by applicant);
  • International certificate of sufficient English language proficiency  at the C1 level of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR). For details, refer to: www.uni-hannover.de/en/universitaet/organisation/einrichtung/central-facilities/llc/
  • School leaving certificate (certified copy)
  • Optional: Proof of professional experience, special qualifications and awards

Application dates: You must apply for a study place at the university within the specified application period. Attention: For scholarships, different deadlines may apply!

  • For the WATENV Master's application, the application period for non-EU applicants generally is: December 1st – January 15th of the year for the winter semester starting in October
  • and for EU applicants: June 1st – July 15th of the year for the winter semester starting in October.

Please apply online via this link:

and follow the steps outlined at the end of the online application in order to upload your application file. Attention: the links are only active during the application period!

Additional documents for DAAD EPOS scholarship applicants

  • Personally signed letter of motivation - with reference to current occupation and choice of postgraduate programme(s), two pages maximum - with current date.
    IMPORTANT: When applying for more than one postgraduate course (maximum 3 courses), you have to submit one motivation letter explaining why you are applying for these specific courses and why you 
    chose that priority;
  • Letter of recommendation from your current employer - the letter must have letterhead, a signature and official stamp and must be of current date (not in a sealed envelope);
  • Certificate(s) of employment from the employer(s) that proof a minimum of two years of relevant working experience (after the bachelor degree) at the time of application and if possible, a guarantee of re-employment from your current employer after returning home.

For further details, please refer to the DAAD EPOS scholarship website.

To apply for this specific scholarship, you must send your application to the university until September 30th for a scholarship in the subsequent year. You will still have to apply online for a study place in the WATENV M.Sc. programme during the application period mentioned above.

Please send all DAAD applications to the following address:

Institute of Hydrology and Water Resources Management
Ms Bähr
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Appelstr. 9A
30167 Hannover

Alternatively, you can also send the application per E-Mail as one PDF-file. Please do not send all documents individually: Instead, combine them all into one PDF-file.

General application information
Information on study costs and scholarships

Applicants from China and Vietnam have to submit an APS certificate issued by the Akademische Prüfstelle für chinesische Studienbewerber (APS).