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FAQs on teaching in Corona times

FAQs on Teaching in Times of Corona

Status: 15.05.2020

News since the last status can be found under the following headlines:

- Exams of the WS 19/20 (topic: Dates of the postponed Examinations)

- Exams of Summer Semester 2020 (topic: postponed registration for examinations period A)

The Dean of Studies Office of Civil Engineering is at your disposal via the email address studiendekanat-bau@fbg.uni-hannover.de.

The office hours of the coordinators will be held by telephone this semester: Tuesdays 11-12 (no consultation between 3.8.-21.8.2020)

 Dipl.-Ing. Britta von Pichowski-Mrozik: 0511/762 5982 and Jessica Kitte, M.A.: 0511/762 4755


Courses in the summer semester 2020 are exclusively digital. All information on the individual courses, corresponding tutorials, exercises and consultation hours can be found at StudIP. At present, work is being done on resuming operations in laboratories etc. in a very limited way and under defined hygiene regulations.


Personal consultation hours of the staff in teaching and administration are cancelled, since a large part of them work at home for an indefinite period of time. More detailed information on availability and video consultation hours in teaching can be found on the websites of the individual institutions or StudIP. All dates concerning the semester organisation remain valid - except for the postponed start of the lecture period to 20.04.20 and the recently changed dates for Exam Registration to June 15th till 21st.


All forms and requests to the Office of the Dean of Studies Office or the Examination Board must be submitted digitally this semester. A signature is not absolutely necessary in this exceptional situation. A pdf format would be helpful.

A subject line in the form is helpful in mail correspondence:

Type of application + course of study, if applicable specialisation + surname, first name/matriculation number





The exams of the second examination period have not been cancelled, only postponed.

Exams will take place from 02.06.2020-14.06.2020.

Examination Dates can be found here.

Registrations for exams will remain in the Qis-system, i.e. there will be no new registrations. It is not possible to register for examinations at a later date for the catch-up period.


Information on alternative forms of examination:

  1. The examiner can offer an alternative form of examination for all students, he does not have to. It is important that for the purpose of equal treatment with the new examination form the same competences can be examined. However, it is equally important that the institute is able to afford the examination form.
  2. In special individual cases it is conceivable that a separate examination may be offered for an individual student. This requires a decision by the responsible examinations board and the consent of the examiner. In civil engineering, such requests are approved with the examiner's consent, e.g. if it can be proven that this is the student's last exam and if there would be an extension of the study period without a special examination date.


For the time being, the examinations are scheduled normally for the specified examination periods. Since longer periods for hygiene rules and disinfection times must be planned for the examinations, the examination schedule will probably be published at the end of May/beginning of June.

 The deadlines for registration have changed to June 15th-21st.


For oral examinations held via video conference, it must be ensured that:

  1.  the identity of the examinee can be established by the university on the basis of identification documents. Each examinee must make a declaration that no inadmissible aids are used in the examination.
  2. a written consent of the examinee to conduct the oral examination via video conference is available.
  3. there is direct communication and interaction between the candidate and the examiners; in addition, the shortest possible delay of the transmission paths should be ensured. The candidate and examiners must be able to see each other at all times during the entire examination.
  4. for data protection reasons the system Jitsi is used, which is provided centrally by LUIS.
  5. furthermore, all other procedural requirements of the examination regulations for conducting the oral examinations must be observed (taking minutes, presence of second examiner or assessor).


Starting a thesis

Institutes are asked to continue providing a sufficient range of topics according to the current possibilities.


Issue of topics

The topic can also be handed out by the examiners by e-mail, stating the topic, date of issue and date of submission - as well as the confirmation of issue by the student.

A subject line in the form is helpful for all those involved:

Type of application/request + course of study, if applicable specialisation + name, first name/matriculation number


Important: It is not sufficient for the supervisor, student and examination office to communicate solely by e-mail. Instead of the previous signature of the examiner, the examiner must now confirm the correctness of the information by sending an e-mail to the responsible person at the Examinations Office.

Our clerks are:

M.Sc.CME/CIM: Paula Wruck paula.wruck@zuv.uni-hannover.de and Marie Schollbach Marie.Schollbach@zuv.uni-hannover.de


Ongoing work

A general extension of the processing time for all ongoing papers and theses is currently not considered necessary.

Should problems arise in individual cases due to TIB closures, unavailable test facilities or similar, we would ask students to first contact the responsible examiner. The examiner may be able to find a remedy, for example by providing the necessary literature or by adapting the task. Otherwise, the examiner can request an extension to the examinations board.

The usual possibility of requesting an extension of the deadline by the examination board on the basis of reasons such as illness or similar is of course still possible.


Submission of papers

In order to meet the deadline for submission of a paper, it is sufficient to submit the paper to the examiner in digital form. The printed copy is still required, but can also be submitted at a later date.

Submission colloquia can also be held via video conference. For this purpose, the programmes recommended by the central administration must be used and the guidelines for oral examinations must be observed.


The hearing procedure will be completely suspended for the winter semester 2019/2020, with the counting semester being reset. The Hearing procedure will be fully effective again for the summer semester 2020.


As things stand at present, the examinations of the current semester will only be postponed. A suspension of the semester count for this semester is therefore neither necessary nor planned at this point in time.


Studiendekanat Bauingenieurwesen
Studiendekanat Bauingenieurwesen