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Student Thesis Request

Please use the following form to submit a thesis request to your preferred institutes. Mandatory fields are marked with an (*).
Information on data protection, in particular on the collection and processing of data, can be found in the data protection declaration.

Personal Data
Requested Thesis


You can start the thesis or project when you have completed the preliminary work for it. The following requirements apply:


  • Bachelorarbeit: Vorpraktikum, alle Module des Grundstudiums (86 LP), weitere 34 LP aus Modulen des Fachstudiums


  • Interdisciplinary Project / Practical Project: 18 CP Compulsory Modules
  • Master thesis: 60 CP, thereof 18 CP from Compulsory Modules
Do you meet the requirements necessary to start the thesis/project?*
Institute and topic

Please select three institutes. All institutes have listed topics for student theses or research foci on their websites (Here you will find a link list of the institutes.). Please enter in the text fields which modules you have already passed and which of the institutes' topic suggestions/subject areas you are particularly interested in. In this way you support the institute in finding a suitable topic for you.


Alternative: External Thesis
If you plan to write a thesis in cooperation with a company or at another faculty, please enter the topic in the text field and tick the appropriate box below. The institutes you selected above will then check whether they can supervise the work together with the external partner.

I would like to write the thesis as...

e.g. "I have already completed all the other modules."; "I have already spoken with Mr. /Mrs. XY and agreed on the following..."