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Further facilities

Faculty locations

The faculty's facilities are located at the three locations "Schneiderberg", "Welfengarten" and "Marienwerder".

Schneiderberg Campus

Between Appel- and Callinstraße, at the centre of the Schneiderberg Campus there are many institutes of the faculty as well as the Dean's Office and the Dean of Studies' Office, Civil Engineering. On the junction of Nienburger Straße and the Straße "Schneiderberg" there are more institutes and experimental halls as well as the Dean of Studies' Office, Geodesy and Geoinformatics.

Welfengarten Campus (Hauptgebäude)

The Welfenschloss is the main building of Leibniz University Hannover. Here you will find the central university administration, the service centre for students, and many large lecture halls. The Technical Information Library is located next to the main building. The Schneiderberg campus can be reached in a few minutes on foot through the Welfengarten.

Marienwerder Campus

At the Marienwerder Campus there are large research facilities such as the Test Centre for Support Structures and the Coastal Research Centre with the Large Wave Flume. The campus is located in the north of Hanover and is close to the mechanical engineering campus in Garbsen.

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