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Marienwerder Campus

Campus Marienwerder

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On the Marienwerder campus, there are large research facilities such as the Test Centre Support Structures and the Coastal Research Centre with the Large Wave Flume. The campus is located in the north of Hanover, close to the mechanical engineering campus in Garbsen.

  • Arrival

    By public transport:

    Take the City Railway, route 4 (direction Garbsen) to the stop "Schönebecker Allee". The walk takes about 5 minutes. 

    By car:

    Free parking spaces are available.


    The buildings are only partially barrier-free.

Test Centre Support Structures (8910)

Aufnahme des Testzentrum Tragstrukturen Hannover Aufnahme des Testzentrum Tragstrukturen Hannover Aufnahme des Testzentrum Tragstrukturen Hannover © FBG / C. Bierwagen

Merkurstraße 11-13
30419 Hannover  

Coastal Research Centre (8903)

© Forschungszentrum Küste

Coastal Research Centre

Joint Central Institution of Leibniz University Hannover and Technische Universität Braunschweig

Merkurstraße 11
30419 Hannover  

Experimental Facilities Hydraulic Engineering (8901)

© FBG / C. Bierwagen

In Marienwerder Ludwig Franzius Institute has access to a total of almost 16,800 m² sheltered laboratory space and 24,000 m² of outdoor space.

- 3D Wave Basin
- Tidal Test Stand
- Twin-Flume
- Circulation Flume
- Outdoor Research Area

Experimental Hall Concrete Construction (8902)

© FBG / C. Bierwagen

The Institute of Concrete Construction has a large clamping field (16.5 x 16.2 m) at its disposal, as well as a 3 m high and 5 m wide clamping wall with anchoring options in a 1 m grid. Large test specimens (15 m long, 2 m high, 3 m wide) can be tested in two load frames. Four resonance test benches can be set up simultaneously in the hall.

Experimental Hall Building Physics (8901)

Blick in die Klimakammer Blick in die Klimakammer Blick in die Klimakammer © Institut für Bauphysik

The Institute of Building Physics has the following test rigs at its disposal:

- Vacuum test bench for cyclic and dynamic testing of facade structures

- Insulation material test (climate chamber)

- Climate weathering test stand for testing the durability of real wall constructions