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Humboldt Research Award winner comes to the Faculty


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Humboldt Research Award winner comes to the Faculty

Dr. Jianbing Chen, Distinguished Professor at Tongji University, has been awarded an extraordinarily prestigious Humboldt Research Award to conduct research in close cooperation with the Institute for Risk and Reliability.

Jianbing Chen is one of the world's most respected researchers in the field of uncertainty quantification far beyond civil engineering and has significantly influenced the development of theories, numerical technologies and standards for the design and safety assessment of load-bearing structures.

Together with Jianbing Chen, Prof. Michael Beer's research team aims at fundamental developments that efficiently enable time-dependent reliability analysis of large complex systems in order to realize risk minimization and a resilient design of infrastructures in the broader sense.  The planned developments are closely linked to activities in the American Society of Civil Engineers, the European Safety and Reliability Association, the International Association for Structural Safety and Reliability and the European Association for Structural Dynamics.

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